How To Lose Weight Consistently Without Sacrifices and No Gym – 1 Year Review

Time for another update on my 4-pillar diet plan. For the ones of you who didn’t read my previous posts about my sacrifice-free and gym-free diet plan here is some background info.

When I started my diet plan (around 8 months ago) I weighted 205 pounds (~93 kg). My goal was to reach 175 pounds without crazy diets, sacrifices of any kind and without spending a dime on fitness equipment, and no gym either.

Today, about 1 year after I started, my current weight is: 177.4 pounds (~80.5 kg), which is 27.6 pounds less then when I started.

Here’s my progress throughout this last year:

One year review

As you can see in the graph above it’s pretty obvious that there were major bumps on the road. Be VERY careful when dealing with holiday seasons and stress (e.g. family problems). You can clearly see that I lost weight consistently but it’s pretty evident also that I could have lost it much faster.

So, the major conclusion we can take from this 1-year review is that the 4-pillar diet plan works beautifully but one needs to be extra careful when dealing with special events. The holiday seasons are great to relax and to change routines, but we must be vigilant not to disrupt our diet too drastically, like “forgetting” about doing exercise or eat like there’s no tomorrow.

New experiment

You may have noticed that the graph ends with a “New Experiment” and a sudden big fall right after. What have I done?

On top of the 4-pillar diet I have started a new experiment: eat more often. I heard many people, including nutritionists, saying that one of the best ways to lose weight faster is to have more meals throughout the day. I was happy with the results I was achieving so far but I was convinced that I could tweak the diet a little bit to start losing weight faster. So, I devised a new meal plan (that I follow till this day) that includes 6 meals: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack 1, afternoon snack 2 and dinner.

I started using a digital event scheduler to help me keep track of when it’s time to have a meal, so that I don’t miss any. I will write about my new meal plan on a next post, as for the results of this new experiment.

I’m very excited because I’m very close to achieve my weight objective I set 1 year ago:  175 pounds (I’m on 177.4 now). But, above all, I feel much healthier now and I receive many compliments for my new physical shape ;)

Stay tuned for the details on my new experiment and my next report!

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